X-Ray Services (RT)

MES offers real-time and static X-Ray inspection per AWS, ASME, MIL, and other specifications.

Our comprehensive NDT lab provides industrial x-ray services for weld inspection or defect analysis. Radiography (RT) or X-Ray inspection is a non-destructive testing process for detecting subsurface discontinuities in metals, polymers, and composite materials. The process saturates the part with radiation, which creates areas of preferential absorption based on material density and voids. The radiation which passes through the part creates a contrasting image on a film receiving the radiation. The contrasting image is inspected by a certified technician to locate indications, such as voids, metallic and nonmetallic inclusions, incomplete fusion, cracks, and porosity. The technician can determine what may have caused it, and what action should be taken, if any.

  • Non-destructive technique
  • Detects cracks, laps, voids, inclusions and other discontinuities subsurface
  • May be applied to raw materials, billets, finished materials, welds, and in-service parts
  • Magnification up to 60X
  • Digital or film radiographs
  • Rapid results
  • AWS D1.1
  • ASTM E94
  • ASTM E1030
  • ASTM E1742
  • ASME Section IX
  • MIL-STD-271
  • MIL-STD-453
  • Solid materials
  • Small (microelectronics) to Large (welded plates)
  • Penetration up to 2 inches of steel
  • Welded plates, tubes, and fillets