Visual Inspection (VT)

Visual Inspection is an important step in any evaluation and should be performed before any other NDE method. Visual inspection provides information related to workmanship, structural serviceability, and material deterioration of a given specimen.

It is particularly important that the inspector is able to differentiate between a normal condition and the various signs of distress which may be encountered. A thorough visual inspection can help characterize weld quality and identify cracks, pop-outs, spalling, disintegration, color change, weathering, staining, surface blemishes and lack of uniformity. Information gathered from VI may help prescribe additional NDE tests or provide insight into the root cause of a defect.

  • Simple, rapid, and low cost test
  • Can be performed while the specimen is being used or processed
  • Check for weld appearance, size, length, and dimensional accuracy
  • Detection of surface flaws, corrosion, and contamination
  • Non hazardous to operations equipment and personnel
  • AWS D1.1
  • ASTM A802
  • ASTM A997
  • Access shall be sufficient to place the eye within 24 inches of the surface to be inspected