Laboratory Inspection

Metallurgical Engineering Services operates as a third party laboratory to ensure fair and objective testing in a functional and comfortable setting. Our spacious facility provides state-of-the-art test instrumentation at your disposal. Our numerous inspection, machining, and test laboratories provide ample room for laboratory inspection, sample dissection and specimen preparation. Let MES assist you with unbiased litigation support.

The MES staff consists of experienced professionals in the disciplines of materials science, electron beam surface characterization, mechanical, and metallurgical engineering. Our depth of experience allows us to offer unparalleled service for your litigation support.

  • Large conference meeting room
  • Preparation of test protocol
  • Sample preparation
  • Secretarial support
  • Full mechanical, metallurgical, and surface analysis labs
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Climate controlled sample storage
  • ASM Handbook Volume 11