Metallography Lab

Our metallography lab includes all of the equipment necessary for the preparation of samples prior to analysis by our high powered metallographs and stereo microscopes. Color microphotography is a specialty.

Cold and hot mounting options are available for small to medium sized samples. We have the ability to create custom mounts to fit special needs.

Our lab contains several grinding and polishing wheels to bring a metal cross-section to a mirror finish. If needed, we will chemically etch the sample to characterize the grain structure.

metallography lab 01
metallography lab 02
metallography lab 03
  • B&L and Zeiss Metallographs with Calibrated State (polaroid, digital, and 35mm)
  • Stereomicroscopes with photomicroscopy
  • Quantitative Metallography Electropolishers (LEC0 EP-50)
  • Polishers – Buehler
  • Grinder-Sanders (4) Wet (3) diamond
  • Wet Abrasive Saws
  • Bandsaws
  • Mounting Presses
  • Complete Machine Shop for Sample Preparations