SEM Analysis

When combined with the decades of experience of our operators, our SEM lab provides a powerful and effective micro analysis technique. SEM analysis is an effective tool in failure analysis, contaminant analysis, and general micro analysis. Images produced by a fracture surface are often used to determine the mode and mechanism of a failure.

The scanning electron microscopes will allow you to view surface features at 5 to 300,000X magnification to provide you with high quality, depth of field images. When used with EDS detectors attached to each SEM, the chemical composition of surface features is quickly attained. While often used for metals and minerals, the MES beam lab includes a variable pressure system capable of analyzing non-conductive samples (such as polymers) with minimal preparation.

Analysis by SEM provides a unique depth of field advantage over optical microscopes, allowing the user to focus on irregular fracture surfaces. Our superior instrumentation allows us to provide exemplary service at very competitive prices.

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  • High Magnification Imaging – up to 300,000x
  • Examination of fractured surfaces
  • Semi-quantitative chemical analysis by EDS
  • Evaluation of crystallographic orientation
  • Low cost chemical and contaminant identification
  • Analysis of metals, polymers, and minerals
  • ASTM B748
  • ASTM E766
  • Sample Size – up to 8 in. diameter and 3 in. in height