Macroscopic Exam (VT)

Macroscopic examination is often performed on welds to assess quality or on fracture surfaces to correlate surface characteristics with failure mechanism or loading conditions. This simple technique utilizes optical light at low magnification and is often performed non-destructively with little surface preparation. Alternatively, the sample can be destructively prepared by cutting, grinding and etching of the test sample. Etching the sample creates a chemical reaction that exposes the microstructure or flow lines of the material.

For welds, etching a the cross section may reveal internal discontinuities, weld profile, extent of penetration and the quality of weld. The macro structural properties of a weld can be used for procedure qualification or personnel qualification. MES often utilizes high resolution digital imaging during macroscopic examination. If the investigation requires higher magnification imaging, we can provide metallographic examination or scanning electron microscopy.

macroscopic exam 1
macroscopic exam 2
macroscopic exam 3
  • Macro-etch (ASTM E340)
  • Grain Flow
  • Weld Qualification
  • Surface Condition
  • Digital Imaging
  • ASME Sect. IX
  • ASTM E340
  • ASTM E381
  • Cross sections up to 10 in. diameter