Hail Damage

Traditional inspection procedures of hail damaged metal roof panels involve only a visual inspection and photo documentation. No matter how thorough an inspector may be in the field, micro fractures of the protective coating and corrosion of the steel substrate may not be detected by visual inspection alone.

MES has developed a unique testing protocol for hail damaged metal roof panels which provides a comprehensive analysis of the hail damage. We provide a thorough site investigation consisting of visual inspection, photo documentation, and sample extraction of the damaged and undamaged areas of the property for further laboratory testing. In the laboratory, our engineers and technicians will continue the investigation using state of the art instrumentation.

Our instrumentation includes organic and inorganic chemical analyzers to detect trapped moisture and/or the presence of corrosive material. Analytical tools with low to high power magnification capabilities to show coating cracks and/or embedded foreign material.

Salt fog and CASS environmental test chambers to determine corrosion rates and precision cross sectioning capabilities to show damage or loss of the protective coating and panel substrate. Using the data collected on site and in the laboratory, MES will then issue a comprehensive engineering report based on analytical testing.

  • Surface Analysis
  • On Site Investigation
  • Coating and steel panel damage characterization
  • Life loss
  • ASM Handbook Volume 11
  • Accessibility to test area if field visit required
  • History of sample, if known